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We never forget that moment, you've looked everywhere, your heart sinks, and fear begins to set in. You can't find your bestfriend...


This is where Risen Drone Services is there for you. One call is all it takes, and we will have a drone in the air searching for your lost pet. With a last known location and thermal imagining capabilities, the best chance you have at finding your best friend is with us. Our goal, is your goal, bring your pet back home safely. As lovers of animals ourselves, we understand how important they are to your family, and we want to bring them home to you. 

Cover More Ground

Drones can be a valuable tool in the search for lost pets. With their ability to cover large areas quickly, they can save time and increase the chances of finding a missing animal. By using drones, pet owners and rescue organizations can improve their search efforts and bring lost pets home safely.

Peace of Mind

By using drones, pet owners can have peace of mind knowing that they are doing everything they can to find their furry friends. Our goal is to bring you closure knowing that your pet is home safe. 

Save Time

Drones can be a game-changer when it comes to finding lost pets. Instead of spending hours walking or driving around, a drone can cover a large area in a short amount of time, increasing the chances of locating the pet quickly.

Thermal Imaging Capabilities

Thermal imaging is a highly effective method for locating lost pets. By detecting the heat signature of your furry friend, we can quickly and efficiently track them down. This technology is much faster than traditional search methods, making it an excellent choice for pet owners who want to be reunited with their pet as soon as possible.

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